Identify Criminals

Identify Criminals

Thousands of criminals have been apprehended every year because of security cameras. Everyone from bank thieves to people who run red lights have been identified and arrested on video evidence. Homeowners can have this valuable security tool as well by installing a home security camera system on their property. Just like in the movies, thieves, vandals, and other lawbreakers can be identified from recorded video feed if a homeowner has one of these camera systems.

Identify Criminals
ADT Security System.

Components of a Good System

The first objective of a home security camera system is to obtain evidence of every crime that occurs on a property. While a security alarm system will alert anyone in the house and emergency services to anyone breaking in, a camera system will be able to prove who committed the crime. With that objective in mind, a camera system cannot operate with a source of electricity. If the power goes out, all of the components in a home security camera system will want a battery backup power supply so that they may continue to function.

A good system also uses a DVR (digital video recorder) box to record video feed to a DVD or hard drive. Weeks of video feed can be recorded without user interaction, and a simple user interface allows the owner to call up any recorded video feed within seconds. The recording is automatic, and some DVR boxes will begin recording over the oldest video feed once its data capacity has been reached. The only drawback to a digital recorder is that once the data has been erased, in most cases it cannot be retrieved. However, the likelihood that a crime will occur without the owner knowing is minimal, and a user of a home security camera system can always turn off the feature that records over past video feed.

Wireless and Wired Camera Systems

In the past, a home security camera system was always wired. Now, wireless cameras have become popular due to their ease of installation and maintenance. A person only has to hook them up to a power supply and configure the signal to send video feed to the recorder. Wired cameras need a direct cable to the recorder, requiring more work to install but having a much stronger video feed signal. Other wireless devices such as cordless phones, remotes, and wireless networks may interfere with wireless camera video feeds, causing distortion to image quality or preventing the signal from reaching the recorder at all. When installing a wireless system, a user should check the image quality of the video feed to verify that the signal is strong and not interfering with other wireless devices.

Identify Criminals Explained

With a home security camera system, homeowners can rest assured that anyone who breaks into their home or commits a crime on their property will be identified and arrested by the police.
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Cutting Edge Wireless Home Security

Cutting Edge Wireless Home Security

Cutting edge wireless home security has become more attainable for the family home, previously it was only affordable for the corporations and the homes of the rich .
Mobility is integral to the global opportunities of the brave new world. Mansions, in which generations could live, rose to a peak as a convention in the 19th century, and even most of today’s senior citizens delight in staying in the dream homes of their younger and more active days. Life times with single employers, and unbroken residences in the same cities, are very rare if not outright anachronisms today. We have grown to associate new homes and situations as symbols of progress, and hanker for these kinds of achievements. What might this have to do with a wireless home security system?

Cutting Edge Wireless Home Security

Moving out of a house and in to a new one could involve even a new country altogether. The pace of modern life does not allow most people to invest in vacant plots, and build to custom design from ground up. Moving in to an existing structure has become the norm, and this factor weighs heavily in favor of opting for a wireless home security system. You can dismantle such a set up, and incorporate it almost instantaneously in to a new location. The sensors and contacts can be placed on doors and windows to protect virtually any lay out, and this flexibility is of great utility for the control panel as well.

Tips on How to Keep a Wireless Home Security System Working Without a Hitch

Most control panels run on lithium batteries, which may run out of power gradually, and fail to support a relatively extensive system. You should make it a point of checking on the battery at regular intervals, and to test sensors at the furthest points. Local authorities should know about such periodic checks beforehand, so that the efforts also serve as rehearsals for them, rather than trying their patience! Keeping a stock of additional contacts and sensors, to the extent that the control panel can accommodate them, is also a good idea, in case you move to new homes with additional points of vulnerability.

It is best to use a remote unit to arm and disarm your wireless home security system rather than to mount key pads which are in public view. Such a remote unit should be used as discreetly as possible, and the fewer lay people who know that you have a wireless home security system, the safer you will be! Some people go the extra mile and have an inactive key pad as a decoy, should it be widely known that a home has a wireless home security system. Emergency teams in each area have their own peculiarities, so all the time you spend explaining your installation to them, will pay off handsomely in terms of your peace of mind.
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Evidence For Prosecution

Evidence For Prosecution

Many homeowners and security consultants believe that home security cameras can provide a deterrent to break ins, while also providing importance evidence in identifying convicting burglars when they are caught and tried. Others view home security cameras as giving them an option to see what is happening around their home without the need to personally venture outdoors. Depending on the system installed, they can also record and send images through a network connection to a security company monitoring the home’s security system.

Evidence For Prosecution
Qualities and characteristics — such as integrity, honesty, honor, sincerity, virtue, loyalty, morality, first principles to building a moral character into personality.

Evidence For Prosecution In Progress

When home security cameras first became available to the public, recording was done on videocassette recorders, with the more advanced ones capable of recording 24 hours through stop-action recording sequences. Playback was typically grainy and jumpy due to the method in which they were taken, playing back about every 5th or 6th frame. Today, home security cameras can be connected to digital video recorders, complete with sound and can be programmed to record only if there is movement.

Motion sensors and heat sensors that detect a change in the ambient temperature of a room can be adapted to video cameras, but the imaging of digital recorders can provide a clear video and is easier to copy and enhance for prosecutorial purposes. The modern home security cameras can be connected to allow the viewing of multiple camera shots at one time on the same screen.

Hidden Or Exposed, Cameras Still Perform

Depending on the desired outcome of a video, the cameras can be hidden or prominently displayed to let people know they are being recorded. Some laws provide guidelines to the placement of cameras in public places, however most home camera installations can be done without restriction. Placing home security cameras in bathrooms or in other places where other residents of the home expect a large degree of privacy may invite angry responses from family members and guests in the home.

Hidden cameras can be used to identify burglars others causing problems in a home and on the other side, home security cameras that are installed in plain sight, but unreachable to invite damage or disabling, may serve as a deterrent to crime as the potential burglar wants to stay out of the limelight. Most security companies advocate having visible cameras on the perimeter of a person’s home and hidden cameras inside as a way of deterring break ins and for prosecuting those who ignore the initial warning.

When deciding to use home security cameras, it is always best to get the advice of a security expert to make sure their placement will best serve the needs of the homeowner.
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Choosing The Right Greenhouse Design

Choosing The Right Greenhouse Design

Choosing The Right Greenhouse Design can be done well in advance before the summer season, when it is put together. Planning over the winter season is possible, that would give some 6 months of time to plan and compare the available kits and costs involved. The summer season is also a good time to plan for the green house, hen you have more access to the grounds and really see where the best location is in regards to the sunlight and other constraints.

Choosing The Right Greenhouse Design
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Choosing The Right Greenhouse Design explained

When you have a greenhouse, it means that you never have to quit gardening just because of weather conditions. You can keep on propagating cuttings and seeds and grow several plant varieties whatever the season.

When choosing a greenhouse, select a greenhouse style that matches the design of your home and the layout of your garden. Weather conditions should also be taken into account, as when your area experiences heavy snows during the winter, most likely you will not select a flat or straight roof design, rather a roof that will allow the snow to slide off easily.

The standard free-standing with curved or peaked roof greenhouse up to now is very popular that can be found in so many gardens. The rectangular or square shape permits for utmost growing space for plants, usually designed with benches on the sides and at the back.

Lean-to or home or wall attached greenhouses designs are manufactured and used when there is limited space at the backyard. These greenhouse designs are very accessible and convenient for connecting much needed water and power supply.

When choosing a certain design in the market, the “sky’s the limit”. Small solariums of various designs are widely available, medium and large sized greenhouses and even prefabricated greenhouse kits for easy installation.

Here are some greenhouse designs:

1. Gable greenhouse.

This design type usually is attached to a wall or garage or any structure utilizing only half the gable’s actual gable design. Generally, this type has flat roof panels but slightly sloping and vertical sidewalls. At times, the gable types of greenhouse are also attached to another greenhouse employing the use of the end wall rather than sidewall.

2. Barn style greenhouse.

This design type is, as the name suggests shaped similar to a barn having wide roof and interior and with shorter walls. This design is usually incorporated in a garden of country setting or theme or a rustic garden appeal. This greenhouse design can be attached to another greenhouse or can be beautifully constructed in a garden freestanding.

3. Dome greenhouse.

This design is identical to a dome, meaning it is half a ball and placed directly on land. This design can not be attached to a structure and only can be constructed as a freestanding type of greenhouse, as this design has no sidewalls. This type of greenhouse is a bit expensive to make due to the many pieces of different glazing that generally are needed to complete this design shape.

5. Gothic style greenhouse.

This design type has a very historical gothic appearance. The walls and roof are formed in such a manner as to create a continuous form, allowing snow to fall down easily. This design type can be either attached or freestanding, however it is usually not recommended attached except when your home’s design is very much similar to a gothic design.

6. Hoop greenhouse.

This type of design is constructed with a metal pipe or PVC to make the hoop’s shape then enclosed with plastic covering. This type of design is very cost effective on your initial purchase, but the maintenance of continuously replacing the cover (plastic) can really add up.

One will find that the majority of greenhouses are manufactured from aluminum material that is weatherproof and lightweight. Galvanized steel also is sturdy and lightweight. Wood can also be used, but one has to make sure to use a lumber that has been pressure treated such as redwood or cedar because these are weather resistant.

As to whatever greenhouse design should you decide on, be sure to look for a structure with the highest strength and stability and must have these features:

• Will be cable to endure extreme weather conditions, like very high winds and snowfall build up.

• Should have the necessary support for grow lights, sidewall shelving and hanging baskets.

• Should have an intricate detail of having hinged screened storm doors as well as large side or individual roof vents.

• A wide selection of styles and sizes offered. Keep in mind that costs can limit your greenhouse size, however extensions can later be added when needed and when you already have enough budget for it.

• The door may be easily adjusted to be dropped or lowered into the foundation’s opening so to get rid of an elevated step when you feel that it is needed.

Take note that often, most greenhouse owners complain of a limited space when they built their greenhouse on a budget. So whatever design you choose, just remember to get the largest that your money can buy.

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Brain stimulation routine daily

Brain stimulation routine daily

Brain stimulation routine daily is a dynamic proactive focus and conscious deliberation of the rational mind and will. We often take for granted that our brains are able to function in amazing ways. We also tend to forget that this is a very important part of our bodies to really take good care of. One way you can treat your brain well is to stimulate it each day before you get out of bed. It doesn’t take long to accomplish, and it is going to help you face each new day in a positive light.

Set your alarm for ten minutes earlier than you have to be out of bed. This way you can relish the time to stimulate your brain and not worry about being late for work. Stretch each part of your body and really focus on it when you are doing so. Wiggle your fingers and your toes too. Pay attention to how it feels as you freely move each one of them. You may feel silly doing these activities but they are very good for you.

Brain stimulation routine daily
Group of young people being dynamically engaged in group activities.

As you are stimulating your brain in the morning before you get out of bed, you are going to stimulate the nerve endings to your brain. You are going to become alert and look forward to your day. If you often end up sluggish in the morning then this could be a great way to wake you up and get your day off to a better start.

When you stimulate your brain each morning before you get out of bed you will be safer too. Research shows that this can help you to stay focused and to be well balanced. This can help reduce the risk of injuries due to falls. Many individuals find that they are more alert on their commute to work as well as throughout the day when they start it by stimulating their brain.

When we are children we tend to be very visual by nature. We have creative fantasies and stories that we role play all day long. However, as adults we don’t allow ourselves to have those types of pleasures. You can turn back the hands of time though and incorporate them into your morning routine. Imagine yourself as a princess or a rock star before you get out of bed in the morning. Stimulate your brain by focusing on the vivid images of what would unfold in your life.

Try to incorporate all of our senses into those images as well. What did it feel like? What did it smell like? What were you saying and what was being said back to you? How did food taste? The more of these senses that you can pull into your imaginative stories the more stimulated your brain will become. These stories should put a nice smile on your face to begin the day with as well.

Have some classical music by your bed that you can easily turn on without getting up in the morning. Focus on listening to the sound of it for about 10 minutes. Doing so is going to open up your mind to many things. Identify the flow of the music as well as what will come next. As you become more familiar with the music it is going to be easier to end up thinking about something else as you listen to it. Don’t let that happen though – make a conscious effort to focus all of your attention on only the music for that span of time.

Some people would prefer to engage in such a process before bed to help them unwind. While that can be helpful and it can help you to get a good night of sleep, too many people rush through the process in order to get it done at night. Others fall asleep before they are able to complete it. So the best rule of thumb if you want to really stimulate your brain is to take part in such activities first thing in the morning.

Finding balance in life is long process, because the circumstances of life can keep on changing constantly for a log time.  negative experiences can occupy the mind and take it as a prisoner with preoccupation of the emotions.  Keeping clear of ruts that program the mind to think negatively, often centered around the negative experiences.  One way to get out of the mind rut is to get psysicaly active.  By being physically active and going somewhere where the mind has a new environment to consider and preoccupy.  it may be the great outdoors, maybe a fores, some hill in the country side, maybe a river, or a lake shore or a walk on a beach by the seashore.  Whatever creative interesting environment is conveniently  available to explore, go and spend some time there. That process will fill the mind with new information and data towards the future.

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Exercise fun brain games

Exercise fun brain games

Exercise fun brain games and other active pursuits can invigorate the cognitive faculties of the mind. Everybody at every age needs to be active in all areas of their spirit, soul and mind faculties in order to keep them healthy.

Many people enjoy playing games as a source of entertainment as well as a way to have some fun. However, playing games also helps you to exercise your brain. This is a great way to keep your mental health in check. There are plenty of games that fall into this category. Basically anything that requires you to do some thinking will help you keep it healthy.

Exercise fun brain games
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Sudoku has become a very popular game that people play. With this type of puzzle you have to fill in the grid. Each line going down as well as across has to have the digits 1 through 9 used only once. It is a game that requires you to use deductive reasoning because there are several possibilities for each square on the grid until you start working to narrow them down.

Crossword puzzles and work search puzzles are also great forms of games you can engage in to exercise your brain. Why not get yourself a few books with these games in them. You can keep it with you to do in the car while you wait to pickup kids. You can even take it to the office to upwind on your lunch hour with the time remaining after you eat.

Memory is a way to exercise your brain as you have to try to remember where certain pictures are so you can match them up. This isn’t a game just for kids as it helps adults too with their brains staying on top of the game. If you have youngsters in the house they will love to play such a game with you. There are plenty of board games too that get you thinking. You will be giving your brain a good workout while you are having fun playing the game as well.

Don’t worry if you don’t have someone around to play though board games with you. The internet is full of places where you can play them. Some of the favorites are memory and Scrabble that people can easily access online. There are also many of the Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, and word searches online as well.

Many of you are likely saying that this sounds great but you just don’t have the time to do it. If you are motivated to improve your mental well being you will make time for it. Carve out about 30 minutes a day when you can take part in such activities. You may find you love getting up earlier in the morning. You can exercise your brain before work and while the rest of your household is still in bed. This can completely change your attitude for the rest of the day.

Engaged with television is a passive waste of time in most part

There are some exceptions, selective watching of TV with other important priorities and appointments can keep television watching in check.   But many would be better off if they Turn the TV off, and engage with life.   E.g. in the evening and spend some time playing these types of games alone or with a family member. You can even invite friends over to play them with you so that you get some social interaction with them as well. Try a variety of new games too so that you don’t get bored playing the same one all the time. However, most people find that that they have a couple of favorites that they really enjoy playing each day.

Most of these games offer several different levels as well. To get the most exercise for your brain start out with the easy stuff. This is especially true if you are new to a given game. It gives you time to learn the rules and time to device some effective strategies. As your level of skill improves, continue to challenge your brain by moving into more advanced levels of the game.

Find those games that you really enjoy playing. That way exercising your brain won’t be a chore for you. Keeping your brain sharp with such games is really going to pay off for you in a variety of ways. You will be surprised at how much it improves various aspects of your life. You will find that you have less stress and that it is easier to make decisions. You will also find that your memory is improving.

Physical activity mind connection

Physical activity mind connection

There is no shortage of data out there that proves society as a whole needs to get their bodies moving. People of all ages seem to spend tons of time in front of the TV, exploring the internet, or playing video games. We all know this can lead to obesity as well as zap the energy out of your body. However, most people don’t realize that a sedentary lifestyle can also reduce their cognitive abilities. This will be more evident as a person gets older.

Physical activity mind connection
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The brain and the physical body need physical activity

When you engage in exercise your brain benefits because more blood will flow to that region. More energy is produced as additional waste in the body is removed. Those individuals that exercise on a regular basis have larger cerebral blood vessels. It is believed that this is a key aspect of having a healthy brain at any age.

Yoga is one form of exercise that you can take part in so that your cognitive abilities are their very best. It takes a great deal of concentration to learn yoga at first so don’t be discouraged. The more you practice it the more it will become a part of your thinking process. Then you can move into more advanced forms of yoga which will offer even more benefits for your thinking process.

Physical activity mind connection

It may surprise you to learn that the brain uses about 20% of the energy you consume each day. Just like with your body, the more you exercise it the more it will produce energy. If you feel that it is stressful to get through the day, to make decisions, and just to juggle all you have to think about then you need to change the approach. By getting enough physical exercise you will also be giving your brain the level of energy it needs to be on top of the game.

What is also a connection is that many people that don’t get enough physical exercise actually talk themselves out of the task. They put it off until the very end of the day, making one excuse after another. The brain is a very guilty party in this type of decision making. However, when you do get physical exercise and your brain benefits from it, things appear in a new light.

Instead of helping you to make excuses and to find ways to avoid exercising your brain will tell you that you should exercise. It will encourage you to make time for it and to be proud of your efforts. Once you get to that point, engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis becomes second nature instead of a forced action that you take part in. More chemicals that keep you happy will be produced as well so you can have a better attitude than before.

No matter how old you are or how little you currently exercise, you can make some significant improvements in your life. Start out with a commitment to exercise for 15 minutes every other day. Then slowly increase your time by 5 minute intervals until you are at 30 minutes. Then make the commitment to do those 30 minutes of exercise every day. Working up to it this way makes the goal more achievable and you won’t be overwhelmed along the way.

Make it a goal to get at least 30 minutes each day of exercise. If you have a very busy lifestyle, try to fit it in during the early morning hours. This way you won’t be blowing it off due to a lack of time later in the day. You will also have a great attitude to start the day. This is because you will know you already accomplished something great. There are enough types of exercises out there to take part in so you never have to waste your time doing those you don’t love.

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Happy Creative New Year 2016

Happy Creative New Year 2016

Happy Creative New Year 2016 to everyone visiting this web site.
Here is a fantastic quote and a true idea concept to keep in mind in the coming New Year. You may be led to think about self development or religion after reading this quote. I hope the mentioned concepts are not overly narrow two dimensional concepts in your mind. But more so a reality with freedom to live a good life.

Happy Creative New Year 2016

Freedom in Life

A healthy Life is meant to be lived freely; a healthy life should follow the contours of the invisible natural laws and also respecting humanity. If short of inspiration in the beginning of the New Year? then do take the time to consider the natural world environment. In the natural environment there is a great deal of real life going on that is nothing short of inspiring. Each year the autumn falls and the winter set in, and the past spring season and summer season life died away. Consequently each the spring season comes around again and gives birth to new life in the environment.
In the natural environment there are trees, shrubs plants and flowers. All of these things can be a meaningful time to think and to consider, how life dies and gives birth to new life. Comparing to the human creativity and technology, like art, craft, textiles and homemaking, photography, videos and other sources of multimedia, the natural environment is truly visually inspiring, and it is so fantastic with biodiversity.

Leave any sadness and depression of the past behind

Depression and sadness can be caused by negative feelings and poor depressing environment, which may be due to lack of creativity, not able to change the circumstances and the personal environment. There are also desperate circumstance and violent that need to be dealt with by professional people that are trained to deal with such circumstances.  However there are also some that are simply put people that have become stuck in a depressing rut. That can happen due to the nature of things, and the nature of life. The way out is to get up and climb out of it, by creative thinking and smart action. The way out of such rut is to be proactive. Here are some simply steps to get out of some types of depressing ruts:

Clean the house, start by removing useless rubbish and thoroughly make the living space really tidy with lots of free space. Including removing clutter from table tops, benches, room corners, wardrobes and cupboards. There is nothing unusual about such clean up, because in normal life things do accumulate over time and it needs to be taken care of by removing useless clutter every so often.

Think of the time when you first moved into the space that you live in, can you remember how much spare space there was, how the floors space was also free of clutter. It may be practical to return the living space to the original state few times as a reminder of reality, and to help you keep focused on the goals that you want to achieve in life. Useless clutter can be very distractive in the living space and it can eat up much energy and waste it. The alternative is to use the energy focusing on the goals that you need to reach and do every day in order to reach the big goals in your life that you perceive to be situation where you are healthy, happy and content in life. The beginning of the New Year is such a time to really do a thorough clean up of the home and living space, but do it with respect to the other people that may be sharing it you. Some people don’t understand how a living space can be distractive to the goals in life. Maybe they have no personal goals in life. So it is good idea to share the New Year clean up idea with the people that you share the living space with, so that they are informed of the virtues of starting the New Year from a clean slate to make plans and clear objective goals for the new Year to work towards.

“ Make New Year’s goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life in the year to come”.

– Melody Beattie

Happy Creative New Year 2016 and beyond

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Delighful New Year 2015

Delighful New Year 2015

Delighful New Year 2015 Wish you a fantastic new year in 2015 that is fuelled with abundant joy, motivation with happiness, and valued meaningful memorable moments that is empowering for future goals in life.

May the year 2015 be your finest year!

Delighful New Year 2015
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Delighful New Year 2015 and the contrast of 2014. The world often sems to be breaking up in many regions and locations, like a sour dough bread loaf baked in a hot stove, but do not lose hope, it should settle down some time soon, when the heat cools off.
Thanks for your eager initiative in roaming the world wide waters of the internet as well as landing on this one small web of a web site. Grateful also for visitors as well as for every person’s interest in 2014, as well as truly anticipate developing brand-new fresh content material in the new year coming up soon.

Thanks to the New Year!

Delighful New Year 2015
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Wishing you a Delighted Holiday period for everyone.

Here is a bit of Einstein to everyone and for the new challenges of the New Year in 2015.

Albert Einstein

I really feel that you are justified in exploring the future with real assurance, due to the fact that you have a method of living where we locate the joy of life as well as the delight of work harmoniously combined. Included in this is the spirit of ambition which pervades your extremely being, and appears to make the day’s job like a pleased child at play.

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Farmers markets in Finland

Farmers markets in Finland

Farmers markets in Finland play an important role in ensuring that the local food raw ingredients are of high nutritional quality, supports traditional culture, regional produce and also employes local people.


Traditional rural culture needs the support of a community.

Farmers markets are local and they provide food for the local people, the problem with large mega-agricultural companies is that they come about as a business plan.  They are  born by the large corporate executives with tunnel vision minds that never give a thought for the nutritional content of the soil  and the raw produce.  The company executives that make decision, they make their decision on numbers only, the bottom line.  Soils that are worked over and over year after year are exploited and depleted of natural minerals.

farmers markets in finland
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Who cares about the nutritional value of food.

Not every body, my guess generally speaking is that some 40% of people are not eating food for the nutritional value, they eat for the energy, the need and comforting aspect of food.  Of course it makes every body feel better when they eat food in hunger, the most immediate affect is the energy being restored.  But the variety of food that they eat may range from 3-5 items to 5-25.  E.g. some people won’t eat salads, “rabbit food” is not liked by everybody.  Most people like Mc Donald, meat pies, burgers and potato chips.  Out of the other 60% of people how many of them would think twice about the carrots that they buy, do the carrots have any nutritional value in them.  It is possible that the carrots are bright orange color, and have the right shape with a green head on it, and at the same time having being grown in a soil that was depleted of minerals and other nutrients.   But how many people would bother to question the appearance of the bright orange carrot.  Surely you have noticed as i have noticed often that taste of a raw carrot is at times sweet, other times completely devoid of taste.  What makes the difference?  Is it in season or out of season?  For raw carrots the long storage time can drain the flavor out of them, the storage method can also affect the taste of the raw ingredients.  Carrots whole, peeled, peeled whole, peeled and chopped, diced, shredded and other types of processing.

See pictures from the farmers market in Finland.  Farmers market.

Local farmers can produce good quality produce for the local people.

This is the none brain er of food business, food is unlike other products, any type of product can be produced unethically, at times they use child labor, other times minimum wages, and the worse case scenario is when corporate greed wind the day and the food is produced in unsafe environment with dangerous trace elements in the soils and in the food ingredients.  The closer the food is produced to the community then it is less likely to be produced unethically.   No body cares like the family cares for their own. It may pass the initial test of approval but over time there is the law of entropy that pulls the quality down.  There is no better way to keep the bastards honest than by their own village.  Visit your local farmers markets soon and give some compliments for their part in providing quality safe food ingredients to your community.  See more pictures of the Farmers markets in Finland from this link.