Car Free Day, September 22, 2012.

Car Free Day, September 22, 2012.

Today is the car Free day here in the Nordic region, the car free day has been on going since the 1970.

The car free day stared early in the 1970, after the price of crude of spiked, and people became more aware of the rise in the cost of petrol.  During the car free day people are encouraged not to drive a car, but to walk instead and to use push bikes during that day.

The motor vehicle is often overrated, people often rely on it so much, that they can not do anything without driving a car from point A to point B.  Some people will build their personality around a motor vehicle, i guess they do the same around their equestrian hobbies, horses are more environmentally friendly.

Car free day is a great idea, it can make people more aware of the benefits that can be gained by walking and by using a push bike, both of these means of travel can help to maintain good physical fitness.  Walking more between the point A and B, push bike can also connect the A, B to the C and D. A pushbike can also recreate the whole concept of trivial driving, from being a useless preoccupation to making travel by a bike health benefiting exercise.

On the free car day people can walk and cycle more, by doing these exercises there are many benefits to many systems of their body.

  1. Cardiovascular system
  2. Respiratory system
  3. Skeletal system
  4. Limbic system
  5. Muscular system

Car free day encourages physical activities and down to earth real time, realistic speeds of travel.