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Brain stimulation routine daily

Brain stimulation routine daily

Brain stimulation routine daily is a dynamic proactive focus and conscious deliberation of the rational mind and will. We often take for granted that our brains are able to function in amazing ways. We also tend to forget that this is a very important part of our bodies to really take good care of. One way you can treat your brain well is to stimulate it each day before you get out of bed. It doesn’t take long to accomplish, and it is going to help you face each new day in a positive light.

Set your alarm for ten minutes earlier than you have to be out of bed. This way you can relish the time to stimulate your brain and not worry about being late for work. Stretch each part of your body and really focus on it when you are doing so. Wiggle your fingers and your toes too. Pay attention to how it feels as you freely move each one of them. You may feel silly doing these activities but they are very good for you.

Brain stimulation routine daily
Group of young people being dynamically engaged in group activities.

As you are stimulating your brain in the morning before you get out of bed, you are going to stimulate the nerve endings to your brain. You are going to become alert and look forward to your day. If you often end up sluggish in the morning then this could be a great way to wake you up and get your day off to a better start.

When you stimulate your brain each morning before you get out of bed you will be safer too. Research shows that this can help you to stay focused and to be well balanced. This can help reduce the risk of injuries due to falls. Many individuals find that they are more alert on their commute to work as well as throughout the day when they start it by stimulating their brain.

When we are children we tend to be very visual by nature. We have creative fantasies and stories that we role play all day long. However, as adults we don’t allow ourselves to have those types of pleasures. You can turn back the hands of time though and incorporate them into your morning routine. Imagine yourself as a princess or a rock star before you get out of bed in the morning. Stimulate your brain by focusing on the vivid images of what would unfold in your life.

Try to incorporate all of our senses into those images as well. What did it feel like? What did it smell like? What were you saying and what was being said back to you? How did food taste? The more of these senses that you can pull into your imaginative stories the more stimulated your brain will become. These stories should put a nice smile on your face to begin the day with as well.

Have some classical music by your bed that you can easily turn on without getting up in the morning. Focus on listening to the sound of it for about 10 minutes. Doing so is going to open up your mind to many things. Identify the flow of the music as well as what will come next. As you become more familiar with the music it is going to be easier to end up thinking about something else as you listen to it. Don’t let that happen though – make a conscious effort to focus all of your attention on only the music for that span of time.

Some people would prefer to engage in such a process before bed to help them unwind. While that can be helpful and it can help you to get a good night of sleep, too many people rush through the process in order to get it done at night. Others fall asleep before they are able to complete it. So the best rule of thumb if you want to really stimulate your brain is to take part in such activities first thing in the morning.

Finding balance in life is long process, because the circumstances of life can keep on changing constantly for a log time.  negative experiences can occupy the mind and take it as a prisoner with preoccupation of the emotions.  Keeping clear of ruts that program the mind to think negatively, often centered around the negative experiences.  One way to get out of the mind rut is to get psysicaly active.  By being physically active and going somewhere where the mind has a new environment to consider and preoccupy.  it may be the great outdoors, maybe a fores, some hill in the country side, maybe a river, or a lake shore or a walk on a beach by the seashore.  Whatever creative interesting environment is conveniently  available to explore, go and spend some time there. That process will fill the mind with new information and data towards the future.

Thank you fro reading up on this Brain stimulation routine daily article, i hope it was informative, helpful and useful.  Please do share the web site link with your friends, thanks.

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014 should have lots of new opportunities for whatever one sets the mind to do, and to experience in life.
To start of this year I will add some links to products that you may be interested in:

  • Pictures.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Wisdom, what is it and how to attain it into everyday life.

With Happy New Year 2014 it is a good idea to take stock of the year gone by, and make a list of Pro’s and Con’s.
Then tick off the positive Pro’s that you are proud of, and also cross out the negative Con’s that you don’t want to repeat in the new coming year.
That is one part of good decision making. Evaluating the decision made in the past, and correcting the errors of the past.

Watch this video.

Here is a video on decision making.

Nordic Art Images video.

The Nordic Prints are available from this link.
Here is a video on the topic of Wisdom.  What is it, and how to attain it, and how to use it for every day life.

Car Free Day, September 22, 2012.

Today is the car Free day here in the Nordic region, the car free day has been on going since the 1970.

The car free day stared early in the 1970, after the price of crude of spiked, and people became more aware of the rise in the cost of petrol.  During the car free day people are encouraged not to drive a car, but to walk instead and to use push bikes during that day.

The motor vehicle is often overrated, people often rely on it so much, that they can not do anything without driving a car from point A to point B.  Some people will build their personality around a motor vehicle, i guess they do the same around their equestrian hobbies, horses are more environmentally friendly.

Car free day is a great idea, it can make people more aware of the benefits that can be gained by walking and by using a push bike, both of these means of travel can help to maintain good physical fitness.  Walking more between the point A and B, push bike can also connect the A, B to the C and D. A pushbike can also recreate the whole concept of trivial driving, from being a useless preoccupation to making travel by a bike health benefiting exercise.

On the free car day people can walk and cycle more, by doing these exercises there are many benefits to many systems of their body.

  1. Cardiovascular system
  2. Respiratory system
  3. Skeletal system
  4. Limbic system
  5. Muscular system

Car free day encourages physical activities and down to earth real time, realistic speeds of travel.




Interacting with the wonders of Nature

There are many ways to interact with the Natural environment, it can be found almost everywhere.

The natural environment does ebb and flow with the various seasons, and there are many climates and variations from steady stable to extreme. Obviously the growing seasons are more active, dynamic, colorful (also autumn) and interesting. There are also optimum conditions for vegetation, plants and trees to grow. Most common conditions are warmth, water, sunlight, nutrients, oxygen.

One way for interacting with the wonders of nature, is by using the hobby of photography.

Capturing quality images of plants and flowers for example. The spring season and the summer is really interesting in the visual Art sense, there are colors, textures, shapes and sizes in the plants, shrubs, trees and flower, and it is on going for many weeks if not months.

If you are a new starter in photography, or maybe you were photographer from the film camera days, then here is a suggestion for what type of camera gear to setup with, and how to start interacting with your camera and the environment. There are hundreds of topics that you can choose from, e.g. plants, flowers, butterflies, bees, bugs, spiders, grass, shrubs, trees, seasons, water, lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, sea, hills, mountains, sky, clouds, storms, rain clouds, sunshine, moonlight, there you have 27 already to get you started, and get inspired and start, Interacting with the wonders of Nature.


Interacting with the wonders of Nature

If you have ever been a collector, e.g. stamps, coins, butterflies, bird eggs, antiques, or any other hobby, then you know how to get organized, and to have information filing system and overall plan for collecting information from your new project and hobby. Being well organized will make it more productive and enjoyable, whether it is only a small amount of information, and gradually build it over time.

What you need is decent computer, a reasonable well working operating system (Updated), a remote hard-drive for storing your images, over time they build up, and you don’t want to have all your images on your active computer. A camera, a camera bag, memory cards, at least one lens (prefer 2-3), extension tubes (close up photos), and a tripot, that should get your started, motivated to go out to explore the wonders of Nature.

Interacting with the wonders of Nature
Copy @ All Rights Reserved 2012.


Here is a list of products that you can purchase straight away online from Amazon, the whole caboodle for less than $1000.00 (not including the computer).

The Computer is really important also, it is the other half of the fun in photography.

You can store digital images, edit images, send images to your friends through email, post images on social media sites like Facebook, and other sites. Also take part in sharing your images with the wider world through Picture Gallery sites e.g., creating your own hobby picture gallery on the web. Also by having your own blog, built around your hobby, this is where being organized really helps, and makes your blog content the more interesting.

Here are some computer purchase suggestions, starting from the PC-best rated. They are ready and available for purchase online from Amazon.


There are many brands to choose from:

Eurocom Leopard 2.0

Asus N56VM


Interacting with the wonders of Nature
Copy @ All Rights Reserved 2012. Natural Nordic


Also the screen size is something you need to consider.

A Smaller monitor screen size is more convenient when on the road, but not so much fun at home on the desk.  Also the desk top computer with a large screen is another option to consider, if your desk top is deep enought. Sizes vary from 13 inch to 22 inch and bigger. I personally use a 17 inch screen, and i would not go any smaller for my photography work.  Bigger screen also means you can view more thumbnail size images of the entire gallery.  Energy consumption is also something to consider, a bigger screen may use more power, it will if they are equal brand, model and year of production.  There are computer monitors that are specially made for professional photography work in mind, true color representation and fine quality details without the jagged pixel edges on images, here are some samples to consider.

How to Buy a Monitor.



 The 5  Best Monitors for Photography.

The are many ways for Interacting with the wonders of Nature, with the help from the modern technology, it is possible to capture images and impressions from Nature and to take it home, to see and study the details, to learn more about the wonders of Nature.

Interacting with the wonders of Nature
Copy @ All Rights Reserved 2012.

And finally you may like to have a picture Gallery on the internet.

As a part of Interacting with the wonders of Nature, there are many reasons why photographers should have a picture gallery on the web.
Reason 1. It is a convenient way to store and share your images over the internet, it not mean that it has to have public access/visibility.  You may want to make some public, and sone galleries friends only, with a password.  Reason 2. It motivates you to make a better effort, to present your pictures in a way that is more creative and interesting.  Reason 3. It challenges you to explore and to see the world in a meaningful way, with objective goals to find, seek and capture the moments of time in a graphic image.  There is no other more effective way to travel back in time to a memorial moment or a place with such accuracy as a quality digital image.  Here is a Photography host that i recommend, it is called  Very good quality hosting for anybody, whether just starting out in photography, semi-pro or a seasoned professional photographer.  I highly recommend Zenfolio for several reasons, a), they know what they are doing, b),  they have a really good attitude for customer service, and c), it is very much affordable for most people.

Proud Zenfolio Member

Nordic Nutrition.


Nordic stock photos of the Natural Nordic Nutrition.

Here is a brief overview of this web site and it’s content, and what will be projected and presented in the future.  Facts on: Nordic, ingredients, Nordic nutrition, history, culture, cuisine, tradition and customs, landscape images, stock photos, regional food, regional products and local producers and some links to relative products and information.

Also about everyday nutritional needs, tips and ideas, and the use of common sense in the many healthy food choice options.  History is also very important, it has been said many times, “unless you know where you have come from, and know who you are, you won’t know where you are going”.  Here is some information on the history of Finland in the Nordic region.

 (Vesa Leinonen)

Continue reading Nordic.