Ylläs Tundra Mountain

Ylläs Tundra Mountain is a great holiday destination with lots of recreational activities and convenient facilities for tourists.


It was recognized early in the 1940’s a unique skiing holiday destination with the many other Tundra fells in close proximity to the Ylläs Tundra Mountain.

Ylläs Tundra Mountainhas been developed for tourism over  many years especially for  alpine skiing and snowboarding, a large area of the surrounding land has also many trails for x-country skiing, with cafe style log cabins for short rest breaks and resfreshements.  There are also many snowmobile operators in the region with trained  guides for day trips or further overnight stays on the field.

Ylläs Tundra Mountain has been extensive developed for downhill skiing and snowboarding, there are many downhill runs and courses, t-bars, chair lift and a 55 cabin gondola lift for convenient transportation up hill.  There are two food outlets on the top of the  Ylläs Tundra Mountain summit, both cafe style serving mainly coffee & tea, buns/rolls, beverages, snacks and other food items.  There are also food services and accommodation at the base of the east side of the Ylläs Tundra Mountain, it is from the east side that the gondola lift runs from to the summit.  The north side slope has Y1 ski centre with many services, the west side of the Ylläs Tundra Mountain is called the aurinko rinne (meaning the sunny slope) it has the chair lifts and a cafe at the base.  Also on the north east side there is the Joker ski slope with an cafe food and beverage service at the bottom of the ski run.

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On the north east side slope of the Ylläs Tundra Mountain there is the Joker ski run with a cafe on the base for food and beverage service.  There are many t-bar ski lifts that service all of the ski runs on the Ylläs Tundra Mountain.

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The Ylläs Tundra Mountain north side ski centre is called the Y1.

skiing at ylläs tundra
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Ylläs Tundra Mountainis a natural landmark that stands out in the Nordic Tundra region, it stands at 719 metres elevation, relative to the Nordic region of Lapland it is a very high altitude and it is often buffeted by strong winds during the winter and the spring season.

The temperatures often dip down to extreme -20C to -30C.

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