Natural Nordic Nutrition

Natural Nordic Nutrition

Natural Nordic Nutrition journey in life is full of new discoveries, this web site attempts to explore the geographical location of the Nordic region, and seek out the features that are unique to the northern hemisphere.

The proximity of the far north to the Arctic has evolved over time to create its unique environment, flora and fauna.  The local biodiversity with food ingredients have evolved over a long time period, they exist there naturally for a reason, and they support the inhabitants of the area.

The early pioneers were a nomadic people; they grazed, traveled, hunted and fished to stay alive as nomadic people do. There was a deep respect to their environment; the land, the soil, the vegetation, the trees, the climate, seasons, their elders and their beliefs and mythology.

Life on our planet has changed dramatically over the last 5000 years, even more so in the last 500 years and also with the modern extreme push of technology in the last 100 years.

Some things are constant; the need for food and nutrition, good health and life style is one of them, importance of knowing Which Food is Good is critical.

An obvious change that has occurred in the last 5000 years is how people found food, and how and when they consumed the food that they found.  The nomadic people often traveled and grazed during their travels. More so during the summer season, food was much more plentiful during the spring, summer and autumn season.  They would have taken advantage of that natural supply; the bright berry season only came around once in a year similar to other ingredients and food items that peaked at a certain various time of the year.

The modern day life style is a stark contrast to the above, the food supply today is artificially manufactures, stored and supplied. People are no longer reliant on the natural cycles and natural provisions, the natural work and the seasons.  This can be confusing to the human mind at a deep level, and also to their physical being.  Artificially fed food, supplied artificially to a large storage areas (shops), food created for the pleasure of the experience that food can provide (restaurants), and not for the nutritional needs and health, that food can supply.  Also the physical activity as being necessary for strength and stamina for everyday travel on foot, and to burn the fuel that is stored on the human body as fat.

Food has always being part of social events and annual celebrations, e.g. as a community, the spring festival and the autumn harvest festival.  Also other festivals during the summer, they could have been around anything; the berry festival, the Cod festival, the Baltic Herring festival, the salmon festival, the crab festival or the summer solstice.  There has always been the event, occasion and the pleasure associated with consuming food. It has ballooned exponentially in the last few hundred years, if you consider the contrast between a nomadic tribe feasting on a whole roasted deer, to the indulgence of the French Cuisine aboard the ship Titanic.

The point is this, the essential Nutritional requirements of the human body, with the need for all of the 7 nutritional types. When food was being fished and hunted, picked and foraged, planted and grown, there was a personal investment of time and effort in the involvement of finding, planting, preparing, cooking and storing of food items, and they were also handed down from parents to children. It was very much ingrained in the culture and tradition from one generation to another.

In today’s society there are supermarket shelves full of sugar loaded insulin spiked items, with bright artificial colors and additives, they are colored bright to attract and fool the naive, inexperienced young, and hungry person, that it has the same color as a strawberry, or raspberry, or maybe a bilberry, so it must be good for you.  Their designed ultimate objective is to give the consumer passive pleasure while they watch the TV or their favorite movies.

Nature has a lot to offer and teach, it knows the full story from the beginning to the end, it has observed, watched and fed the environment and everything in it since the beginning of time. It is only relative recently that the modern society has started to isolate themselves from Nature and the natural cycles of the seasons.  Obsessed western society with blind consumerism and mindless grand scale building projects does not meet the essential needs of humanity and their well being.

Natural Nordic is a virtual trip to a specific and unique geographic area, it has it’s own history, story, culture, tradition and the essential ingredients.  The early pioneers of the north traveled, explored, lived and interacted daily with Nordic Nature.  Much of that environment and nature is still alive today and can be , explored, traveled and enjoyed and interact in the same way as the early pioneers did  so many years ago.

You may be an editor, publisher, writer, journalist or tourist.  No matter what your role, you may have need for information and digital images of the Nordic region.

Please contact Natural Nordic Nutrition  by email to request the images you are interested in purchasing.

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