Farmers markets in Finland

Farmers markets in Finland

Farmers markets in Finland play an important role in ensuring that the local food raw ingredients are of high nutritional quality, supports traditional culture, regional produce and also employes local people.


Traditional rural culture needs the support of a community.

Farmers markets are local and they provide food for the local people, the problem with large mega-agricultural companies is that they come about as a business plan.  They are  born by the large corporate executives with tunnel vision minds that never give a thought for the nutritional content of the soil  and the raw produce.  The company executives that make decision, they make their decision on numbers only, the bottom line.  Soils that are worked over and over year after year are exploited and depleted of natural minerals.

farmers markets in finland
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Who cares about the nutritional value of food.

Not every body, my guess generally speaking is that some 40% of people are not eating food for the nutritional value, they eat for the energy, the need and comforting aspect of food.  Of course it makes every body feel better when they eat food in hunger, the most immediate affect is the energy being restored.  But the variety of food that they eat may range from 3-5 items to 5-25.  E.g. some people won’t eat salads, “rabbit food” is not liked by everybody.  Most people like Mc Donald, meat pies, burgers and potato chips.  Out of the other 60% of people how many of them would think twice about the carrots that they buy, do the carrots have any nutritional value in them.  It is possible that the carrots are bright orange color, and have the right shape with a green head on it, and at the same time having being grown in a soil that was depleted of minerals and other nutrients.   But how many people would bother to question the appearance of the bright orange carrot.  Surely you have noticed as i have noticed often that taste of a raw carrot is at times sweet, other times completely devoid of taste.  What makes the difference?  Is it in season or out of season?  For raw carrots the long storage time can drain the flavor out of them, the storage method can also affect the taste of the raw ingredients.  Carrots whole, peeled, peeled whole, peeled and chopped, diced, shredded and other types of processing.

See pictures from the farmers market in Finland.  Farmers market.

Local farmers can produce good quality produce for the local people.

This is the none brain er of food business, food is unlike other products, any type of product can be produced unethically, at times they use child labor, other times minimum wages, and the worse case scenario is when corporate greed wind the day and the food is produced in unsafe environment with dangerous trace elements in the soils and in the food ingredients.  The closer the food is produced to the community then it is less likely to be produced unethically.   No body cares like the family cares for their own. It may pass the initial test of approval but over time there is the law of entropy that pulls the quality down.  There is no better way to keep the bastards honest than by their own village.  Visit your local farmers markets soon and give some compliments for their part in providing quality safe food ingredients to your community.  See more pictures of the Farmers markets in Finland from this link.