Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding in the Nordic countries.

Skiing and snowboarding in Finland is great fun, especially now in the spring season (April 2012).

There are many great locations for Alpine skiing and snowboarding.  One place to visit for a holiday is the Ylläs Tundra, it is a great big Tundra mountain with lots of facilities and services for Alpine skiers, x-country skiers and snowboarders.  Groomed trails and slopes, t-bar lifts, chair lifts and a 55 cabin Gondola to the summit of Ylläs Tundra.

Skiing and  snowboarding in the far north of Finland is great because of the consistent snow conditions.

Skiing and snowboarding continues on well into April and May, some variations do occur from year to year.

skiing and snowboarding
Big Ylläs. All Copy Rights Reserved 2012.

Skiing and snowboarding is a great sport to be actively involved.

Skiing and snowboarding is physically very dynamic and demanding there are many benefits to the overall fitness and general good health.  Whether x-country skiing, alpine skiing or snowboarding over several days, it will leave a memorial impression on one’s muscles and the body, that may be of muscle pain and feeling of satisfaction, in physical fitness it may be true, “no pain no gain”.

skiing and snowboarding
Ylläs north side.All Copy Rights Reserved

Skiing and snowboarding at Ylläs Tundra has many services and conveniences to the skier, there are t-bars, chair lifts and a large 55 cabin Gondola to the Ylläs Tundra summit.  Ylläs Tundra mountain stands tall at 719 meters, it gives out a sweeping 360 degree view of the surrounding Nordic Lapland of north Finland.  On a clear calm day it is a great sight and a memorial experience to enjoy especially after fresh snowfalls.

skiing and snowboarding
Tundra view-All Copy Rights Reserved


Skiing and snowboarding holiday at the Ylläs region has a lot on offer. 

There is the township on the east side called Ylläs-järvi (Ylläs-lake).  Also the ski resort township on the east slope of the Tundra called the Big Ylläs.  There is Tundra a grocery shop at the Ylläs lake and plenty of cabins for hire within 2-4 km distance from the ski lifts and slopes, x-country trails are on all sides of the Tundra and snow mobile hire for day trips of further.   The Big Ylläs ski resort township has two hotels with accommodation, restaurants and  seasonal live entertainment.  There are many cabins for hire on the east side as well for accommodation.

Skiing and snowboarding on the north side at what is called the Äkäslompolo township and the Äkäslompolo lake.

There are many shops located there with  clothing, equipment, groceries, restaurants and cafe services available.  Also several hotels and many log cabins and houses for accommodation services available.  Up towards the Tundra slope several km there is the Ski center what’s called Y1.  It is a ski center with many facilities and services, ski lifts, lift ticket sales, equipment sales and hire, professional training coaching and advise, clothing sales and hire, safety gear, restaurant food services and a pub.  Ylläs Tundra is  a big Tundra mountain in the Nordic environment, there are many slopes to discover and explore, with the weather permitting it has a lot on offer.

skiing and snowboarding
Ylläs Gondola. All Copy rights reserved 2012.

Skiing and snowboarding at Ylläs Tundra, or x-country skiing at the surrounding Tundra mountains near by, click on the following link for more pictures.

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