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My Amazon kindle e-book review

Kindle eBook review of the Nordic-Inkeri-land history in this starts from the Ice age at around 90,000BC, and it travels through time in history highlighting major points along the way.
The Stone Age, Bronze  Age and the Geological changes that take place on the shores of the Baltic Ice
lake, and the surrounding land near the River system that flows from the Lake Ladoga.

The Inkeri-land story is also about the early rural pioneers that lived in the region for over
2000 years before the Vikings started using the Neva River route going on raids  and doing foreign trade at Lake Ladoga and beyond to the far middle east.

Kindle eBook review
Inkeri-Land. Copy @ All Rights Reserved 2011.

The story then in the Inkeri Land Amazon e-book looks at the many outside forces that have impact on the small rural community of the Inkeri land.

There are indigenous tribes and people groups to the north, the native people of the Fennoscandia and  obscure peoples tribes called the Yem, as recorded according by the monks in the First  Chronicals of Novgorod republic. There are many nations that arrive to the  Inkeri-land during the 11-16 century. There is a finnic language that Chuds,  Izhorians, and the Slavs are using in the Inkeri land community.

The finnish language has roots that goes back much further into the BC.

The Political powers that start to plow in the 12 century, there is Sweden,  Denmark, Germany and The Novgorod in the south/east of the Baltic sea. They all
attempt to take control of the strategic gateway/land bridge between the Gulf of  Finland and the Lake Ladoga.

As the time flies forward the Mongols arrive and  subgugate the peoples along the way in Russia, stopping short of the Novgorod  republic. Eventually Moscow gets stronger and like the Novgorod for a long time  before goes north to Siberia to conquer the north. Followed by a large part of  the Fennoscandia and Lapland.

Many castles are built during the 11-17 centuries in strategic positions along  the water routes from the gulf of Finland to lake Ladoga.

Crusades of the two  main churches and many military battles by the political leaders of the day.
Sweden, Novgorod Republic, Moscow, Mongols, and many unknown indigenous tribes  and nations in the surrounding areas of the Inkeri-land.
Early 19 century bring a radical change to Russia, communism, bolshevik, collectivisation brought  grief and suffering to the local region around Inkeri-land, eventually goes  about destroying the traditional cultures and the peoples homeland.
Forced  evacuations and transportation to far away destinations in the east and north of  Soviet Union. The same Soviet expansionism goes further north to Karelia, and  the same iron fist of Stalin communism leaves the same trail behind.
This Amazon kindle e-book review is about very intense history period in a Nordic hot spot from 800AD to the late 19century.