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I have written my first e-book and published it through Amazon Kindle e-books. The e-book is centered around a small rural pioneering community on the Inkeri-land. My Amazon kindle e-book story starts from the Glacial maximum period in the Nordic region to the Baltic Ice Lake phase, and then the first indigenous pioneers arrive onto it’s shores and settle there for a few millennium.

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Amazon Kindle e-book sample.

“It was during the Viking era that the significance of the Karelia Isthmus in the Baltic Sea and the lake Ladoga area grew. As the industrial commerce of weapons, tools and goods increased the abundance commerce increased. People from the west of Finland also wanted to take part in the increasing East trade. People also from Karelia and from the Inkeri community went with the Vikings Eastwards as the interest in the traffic route grew. The Karelian journey Eastward was most likely during the Vikings trading, like a commerce road East wards, along the south of Lake Ladoga and south-eastern side of the trade centers”.
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