East Finland

East Finland.

There are numerous activities and services that are available along the border of East Finland. Alpine skiing at Ruka fells near Kuusamo, and also further north at Salla tundra. Snowmobile safari’s are available also at both of the above locations.


 (Vesa Leinonen)

Husky dogs safari’s also available at the Hossan lomakeskus (Hossan Holiday Centre), approx 70km south of Kuusamo. Great location that attracts a lot of French speaking tourists to a variety of winter activities like; Snowmobile camp trips, husky dog safaris, XC-skiing, snow shoe treks, and reindeer park day trips.

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East Finland Winter Pictures.

The winter of 2012 at the East Finland and elsewhere had a very slow start, the unusually warm conditions did not freeze and seal the surface of the lakes with ice like usual average winters, and the lack of snow fall.  It was not until Feruary 2012 that the temperatures have dropped down to -20’C and recently to -40’C at the Salla region.  The freezing over of lakes is really important for the local fishermen and the tourist operators.  The ice needs to be strong enought to carry the fishermen, husky dog safaris and the numerous  snowmobile’s that travel and cross over lakes, soft ice is very precarious and dangerous all round.

 (Vesa Leinonen)

East Finland and the Hossan lomakeskus is a remote wilderness destination to visit for a winter holiday.

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East Finland pictures gallery.

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